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Legion Officers

Commander ... Lonnie Estes

1st Vice ... Jim Woodrum

2nd Vice ... Michael Coleman

Finance Officer ... Geoff Reid

Sgt. at Arms... Roger Hale

Service Officer ... James Carney

Judge Advocate ... Dean Farris

Historian ... Kit Hudson

Chaplain ... vacant

Executive Board

From the Commander,



"The Darkness of the whole world cannot swallow the glowing of a candle.”   Robert Altinger 

   Greetings Legionnaires, Ladies and Sons of the American Legion, 
      With post elections concluded and all the new and returning officers settling into their positions, I want to focus on the hard-working individuals who volunteer their time and talents in keeping the American Legion relevant and a model for what a 501(c) charity should be.  For those individuals who signed up to lead the post— whether it be Legionnaires, Ladies or Sons—your dedication and caring is what enables us to engage the community and provide assistance to our Veterans.  I thank you. 

     As we continue to celebrate the American Legion’s 100th anniversary and 100 years for our beloved post as well, I want to acknowledge the many dedicated individuals who have provided critical leadership through our 100 years to make this post what is today.  I believe that with continued hard work, we can leave this post for future members on an equal or greater level of fortitude and endurance in which it was entrusted to us. For this to happen though, we need to identify and develop our future leaders and map a succession plan to ensure smooth transitions from one leader to the next.  Succession planning applies to each post officer position.  No one can serve forever, and it’s important that we don’t  rely on the same individuals to lead the charge.  We will be thoughtful in how we continue the momentum we’ve built in the past few years so that—God willing—there will be celebrations of 150 and 200 years. This is my goal for the next term.  You may be among those we seek out. Take it as a compliment that we believe in your abilities, and we appreciate your interest in the post. If you’re interested in becoming a post officer, don’t wait until next elections. Let us hear from you now. 

     Finally, I would like to say to all the “candles” within this Legion, we are shining above the shadows.  Our efforts are getting noticed in this community.  The American Legion is moving forward, our post especially.  So, with all the darkness out there, we need to make sure that our mission is not hindered by trivial grievances or political differences.  Our focus is and should always remain on being the best possible individuals we can be through mutual helpfulness and in support of our mission to serve Veterans, Active Duty personnel, their families, and our community.    


     As always, I hope to see more people volunteering or just visiting YOUR Post.   Thank you. 


Lonnie Estes

American Legion Post 67 Commander


Meeting, 2nd Monday at 6:30 pm

We are a non-smoking facility!

Monday, August 12th 



Sorry, but there will be no food served on Friday nights until summer is over. 



Queen of Hearts

@ 8PM


50/50 Drawing

@ 8:15PM


Starting at 7pm

Please keep us in your prayers

American Legion Post 67
138 S Main St
Versailles, Kentucky 40383

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